Streamline Onboarding

Deliver an efficient and engaging employee experience, right from day one

Ensure success with new employees from the very start by consolidating the onboarding process into a centralized and engaging experience that’s easy to navigate and removes all complexity.

Centralize onboarding tasks and information

Simplify the onboarding process by creating a single location for all tasks and notifications, including those from HR, IT, Facilities Management Procurement etc.

Workgrid creates a holistic onboarding process that consolidates everything employees need to know and take action on from across the enterprise - such as procedures, enrollments and trainings - into a streamlined, easy-to-understand experience.

By streamlining and automating the entire onboarding process, employees get a clear and engaging onboarding experience that results in higher satisfaction and improved retention rates.

Simplify management of the onboarding process

For manager and other key stakeholders, Workgrid makes it easy to schedule tasks and notifications for new hires ahead of time, ensuring that employees have what they need, when they need it and aren’t overwhelmed by too much information delivered all at once.

Workflows can be easily built to trigger tasks sequentially - including the full series of tasks required for each corporate function - so new hires always know what they have to focus on next, with information and tasks automatically delivered in the correct order. Managers also have full visibility into the status of each task, so they understand where employees stand in the process.

No more confusion, no more frustration, just a simple, centralized process that gives everyone more time to focus on their high-value work.

Improve retention by engaging employees from the very beginning

Workgrid's mobile app enables organizations to engage employees as soon as they accept their offer letter. Using employee data like job function and location, the system makes it easy to deliver an intelligent experience that exceeds expectations and builds relationships through the delivery of personalized communications like team introductions, localized parking instructions and welcome videos from the CEO.

This type of early connection not only validates an employee’s decision to join your organization, it makes every new employee feel like a welcomed and valued member of the team, increasing the likelihood that they’ll stay with the company for the long-term.

Deliver a modern experience your employees will love

Employees love Workgrid, with reactions like “Fantastic!” and “This is all kinds of awesome” when they see how much easier intuitive, intelligent technology can make the work day. When it comes to onboarding, Workgrid puts employee need front and center, focusing on the overall experience rather than the logistics of the process. The result is a powerful, streamlined first step in an employee’s journey with the organization.

Your workforce will be empowered with smart notifications that deliver personalized, contextual communications outside the noise of email, a natural language chatbot that simplifies information finding and enables self-service for routine tasks, and microapps that streamline and centralize interactions with complex enterprise systems.

It’s a modern, intelligent experience that simplifies the work day and helps attract and retain top talent.

Build a successful employee experience that goes beyond onboarding

Employee experience shouldn’t stop with onboarding! Workgrid creates an intelligent digital experience for employees that fuels success throughout the entire employee journey, streamlining and centralizing corporate information and processes from across the enterprise.

From learning management to crisis communications, Workgrid’s intelligent technology puts the most important tasks and information right at the fingertips of your workforce, saving time, reducing frustration and creating an experience that drives the success of both employees and the business.

Integrations for an Intelligent Employee Experience

Give your employees access to everything they need from an all-in-one unified experience.

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