Simplify Task Management

Workgrid Tasks enable employees to track all their tasks – work and personal – from a single location, alongside everything else they need to know or take action on. Users can create and share lists; assign tasks to others; leave comments for team members; and set task
due dates, priorities, and notes.

Unified Task Management

Employees can be more productive when all their tasks -from personal, work, individual and team - are consolidated into a central location.

Tasks in Workgrid provide a clear overview of everything that needs to be done, so employees never have to worry about losing track of important tasks. And because they can easily organize and prioritize tasks, they always know exactly what to work on next.

More effective team collaboration

Employees can have full confidence that projects will progress seamlessly with the ability to share tasks lists, assign tasks, set due dates and add comments within tasks.

Better visibility into the status of tasks and projects

Managers and team leaders can view task and project statuses quickly and easily, so they can spend less time following up with team members and more time on their own strategic objectives

Streamlined procedural tasks

Repeatable tasks lists can be created for activities employees engage in frequently - like daily health checks, store opening/closing procedures, training processes and more.

Task Features

Easily create task, assign task and task list, and gain visibility into all your tasks.


Add comments to individual tasks to track progress or collaborate with team members.

Multiple List Types

Segment task lists as needed using multiple list types, such as shared, assigned, and viewable.


Create task lists for working groups that can be shared with an unlimited number of employees.

Assigned Tasks

Managers and team leaders can assign tasks to team members.

Modern UI

Drag and drop capabilities and intuitive task functionality makes managing tasks a breeze.

Sorting & Filtering

Sort tasks by due date so you know what needs immediate attention.

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