A Modern Digital Workspace

A Modern Digital Workspace for Your Employees

Workgrid provides a platform for delivering an intelligent digital experience that connects employees with all the information they want and need from any device.

  • Deliver an unified digital workspace where all communications, notifications, alerts and reminders are intelligently delivered on a contextual and personalized basis via any device.

  • Increase productivity and minimize context switching by aggregating tasks and streamlining approvals from multiple systems, whether it be a company-level or personal - everything is unified into one view.

  • Effectively reach and engage employees across your workforce (desk workers and front-line workers) with the ability to publish tailored and personalized communications and surveys, ensuring employees receive the right message and the right time.

  • Provide employees instant answers to questions around the clock and automate tasks with the Workgrid chatbot. The Workgrid Chatbot includes an easy-to-use, no-code interface for training your chatbot with questions and answers.

  • Streamline access to important information and simplify workflows with microapps that surface personal and company-wide information from your enterprise systems into a consumer-grade user experience. Deploy popular out-of-the-box apps from the Workgrid Catalog or build custom apps and deploy within Workgrid.

Streamline Your Day

The Workgrid Assistant puts all your tasks, reminders, approvals, and communications in one place, so you can focus on completing them quickly and easily.

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