Automate workflows & streamline task-based processes
Multi-step, task-based processes like onboarding, offboarding, performance reviews, and daily health verifications are a requirement for every business. But just because they’re necessary doesn’t mean they have to be time consuming to administer or frustrating to complete.

Workflow functionality in Workgrid provides a robust, easy-to-use platform for automating all the task-based processes that keep your business running, saving you time, reducing frustrating, and improving the employee experience.

Streamline routine, task-based processes

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming processes that are a challenge to administer and even more difficult to complete. Workflows makes it easy to automate the delivery of tasks to individual employees or select groups – without the help of IT!

You can easily create workflows for any multi-step process and schedule tasks based on specific dates, date-based attribute (e.g. hire date, start date, certification expiration date, etc.), or when new users are added to Workgrid. Workflows are ideal for onboarding, performance reviews, and even daily, in-office health verifications – any process your business relies on for success.

Simplify collaboration for cross-departmental tasks

Routine procedures like security and compliance checkpoints are often decentralized, with different departments controlling their portion of the process in different ways (paper vs. digital, using different systems, etc.). It’s challenging to administer and creates a fragmented experience for the end user.

Workflows offers a single platform for cross-departmental collaborators to easily add and deliver tasks, creating a unified flow of work that’s easier to administer and seamless to complete.

Stay on track with real-time visbility

Having real-time visibility into employees’ progress on tasks makes it easy for managers to keep their teams on track, completing required processes quickly and easily.

Workflows gives managers visibility into some or all tasks assigned to employees and makes it easy for managers to quickly see overdue tasks, add comments, and provide feedback. This functionality helps guide employees and ensure tasks get completed on schedule.

Easily manage business-critical procedures

Keeping your finger on the pulse of every process taking place in an organization is next to impossible. Workflows eliminates that challenge once and for all. Using an intuitive, no-code interface, Workflows makes it fast and easy to manage, navigate, sort, and filter all the workflows that have been set up.

Administrators can also see key data points at a glance, including workflow creation dates, creator name, modification date, etc. Everything you need to manage any workflow, from objective and goal setting to training and continuing education, is right at your fingertips.

Deliver tasks to the right person at the right time

Employees have different needs and timelines when it comes to routine business processes. Give them a tailored experience using customizable workflows that deliver personalized tasks based on attributes like persona, business unit, location, job level, and more.

Tasks can also be delivered sequentially at pre-determined points throughout the entire journey of a process, so procedures like on or offboarding that may take weeks or even months to complete can take place smoothly and in the appropriate timeframe.

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