Workgrid Viridian

Acceleration of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is starting to grow up.

Digital Transformation has moved into its formative years, coupled with the awkward growing pains that comes with maturing. With well over 80% of Digital Transformation efforts failing over the last ten years, applications leaders continue struggle in meeting their business objectives. What often begins as a customer experience effort around business process optimization, technology touchpoints, and offerings to the marketplace - ultimately impacts the employee experience.

However, those leaders who do find success understand the need to start by looking inside the organization; knowing the employee experience comes first. In effect, they are delivering on the promise: with the right investment of people centric change, business processes, and technology – you can accelerate your business to new heights.

Introducing Workgrid Viridian

Workgrid’s Viridian is our no-code solution that delivers on that promise. Viridian showcases how no-code has started to grow up. It is no longer starry-eyed technology filled with hyperbole, but a proven means to accelerate your digital employee experience and ensuring your digital workplace continues to provide business driven results to the enterprise.

Deliver experiences, notifications, and signals from anywhere you can imagine; from enterprise-level apps that employees work better, to simplifying complex transactions reducing context switching and enhancing productivity.

Workgrid Viridian is the low-code solution for you to accelerate your Digital Transformation.

What is Workgrid Viridian?

Viridian is a no-code app development tool that enables you to easily build and deploy Workgrid apps in multiple user interfaces, such as Smart Notifications (action-based cards), Microapps (UI-driven app), and even chatbot conversations.

Viridian makes it possible for non-developers to build Workgrid apps without any software development experience. For developers, it streamlines the process of developing apps, abstracting the underlying codebase and providing a visual, easy-to-use interface for building apps. Workgrid apps can be used to improve business processes, automate repetitive or manual job functions, or just provide employees a more consumer-like experience for interacting with enterprise technology.

The launch of Project Viridian will provide access to more than 200 connectors to many popular cloud services, such as Salesforce and Oracle, enabling organizations to rapidly build innovative apps that meet the unique evolving needs of their business.

See Workgrid Viridian in Action

*Workgrid Viridian is currently in-development, the actual release of Workgrid Viridian is subject to change.