Workgrid Workshop

Introducing Workgrid Workshop

Workgrid Workshop is a no-code development tool that enables organizations to quickly build new Workgrid apps that focus on streamlining business processes and tasks and promoting information to employees.

The launch of Workgrid Workshop will provide a visual drag and drop interface as well as access to pre-built connectors to common enterprise applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Cornerstone, Jira, Oracle, SAP Concur & Ariba, and more.

Benefits of Workgrid Workshop

With Workgrid Workshop, organizations can:

  • Increase value and adoption of existing technology investments - IT and business teams can deliver new user experiences without changing out back-end systems, enabling them to drive user adoption across existing systems.

  • Accelerate digital transformation - Deliver modern digital experiences without relying on traditional application development barriers (talent gaps and resources).

  • Reduce digital friction and data silos - Deliver optimized digital experiences that streamline processes and make information easier to find, thus reducing the effort required to employees to interact with business systems.

See Workgrid Workshop in Action

*Workgrid Workshop is currently in-development, the actual release of Workgrid Workshop is subject to change. Interested in learning more? Request a personalized demo with a Workgrid representative.