Zendesk Integration

Streamline IT Ticket Submission

Workgrid's integration with Zendesk provides employees a simplified experience for creating tickets and taking action on notifications, and approvals. By reducing the need to login to the source system, this integration eliminates digital friction and information silos that result in lost productivity and worker dissatisfaction.

Automate Service Requests with a Chatbot

Use chatbot automation to simplify the process of creating IT tickets with Workgrid's integration for Zendesk. Available on your intranet or via mobile app, the Workgrid chatbot makes it easy to submit, comment, and update Zendesk tickets in one location, without the extra steps of switching systems.

Real-time Ticket Updates

Eliminate noise from email by consolidating notifications and alerts in Workgrid. Receive notifications of real-time status updates on Zendesk tickets you submit, approve, or edit in one unified stream.

Build Custom Zendesk Apps

Build your own Workgrid Apps without code

In addition to Workgrid's out-of-the-box apps, the platform includes a no-code app builder which gives teams the ability to quickly develop custom apps with a visual drag-and-drop interface.

With pre-built connector templates to today's most popular business systems including Zendesk, Concur, SAP Ariba, and Oracle HCM, Workgrid's no-code app builder makes it easy to deploy apps that streamline processes, automate workflows, and deliver personalized experience.

Available Where Employees Work

Workgrid is available as intranet toolbar, mobile app or desktop application

Intranet Toolbar

Workgrid integrates seamlessly on top of your existing intranet - from custom built intranets to SharePoint or packaged intranet solutions.

Mobile App

Workgrid is available as a mobile app directly from the iOS or Android store.

Desktop App

Installed as a desktop application, Workgrid provides easy access to the important information you need to know.

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