The Intelligent Workplace Platform

Unleash the power of your workforce with an intelligent workplace platform and digital assistant that instantly modernizes your digital workplace, simplifies the work day, and improves employee experience.

Workgrid, empowers you with:

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Proactive reminders
  • Simplified task management
  • Personalized communications
  • ... and much more!

Streamline your day

The Workgrid Assistant puts all your tasks, reminders, approvals, and communications in one place, so you can focus on completing them quickly and easily.

Manage all of your approvals in one place

Approve requests across multiple systems from a single place. The Workgrid Assistant transforms the way you work, allowing you to be more connected, efficient, and productive.

Put the Workgrid Chatbot to work

Get quick answers to frequent inquiries, automate tasks, set up meetings, and contact co-workers - all through our friendly, natural language chatbot.

Connect to all your systems and apps

The Workgrid Assistant's technology simplifies your day by integrating with the systems, tools, and data you use most. It's also easily customizable, making it the most ready-to-use, flexible employee enablement platform on the market today.

The Workgrid Platform

A completely customizable platform that you can extend or build your own applications on.

Modern tools

The Workgrid platform provides the tools needed to build today's intelligent digital workplace.

Complete Control

Our platform enables you with complete control over the system and the user interface.


Build and add your own custom apps and create a customized experience using API's.


Connecting multiple systems to allow for quick approvals from anywhere, at anytime.


Build intelligent experiences that seamlessly work across the web, desktop and mobile.


Provide contextual need-to-know information to keep employees informed and engaged.

Custom Mobile App

Use the out-of-the box Workgrid iOS and Android app, or build your own using the Workgrid APIs.


Use the features you want, or even plug in your own features to make your own Workgrid.


Gain an understanding of your user's current moment with Workgrid's context service.


The platform is built using modular microservices, allowing you to use only the services you need.

Digital Profile

Leverage valuable insights about users to create personalized and contextual experiences.


A cloud-native solution, ready to scale to meet the needs and demands of today's enterprises.

Use Case


A more informed workforce is a more engaged workforce.

Workgrid provides a platform for streamlined and effective communications that connects employees with information they want and need from any device.

By intelligently delivering information that is personalized and contextual per employee, Workgrid keeps employees engaged with information that is only of interest and relevance.

Workgrid enhances employee productivity and dramatically reduces the number of clicks required to obtain employee-specific information by consolidating everything to a simple access point.


Increase in internal communication click-through rates


Fewer clicks to obtain key employee-specific information

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