Make Work Better

Guide employees’ attention to key information, news, and tasks from essential business systems, right in the flow of work.

See how Workgrid enhances productivity, focus, and employee engagement

By intelligently nudging, promoting, and granting access to the right information at the right time, Workgrid frees employees from the everyday digital friction that destroys focus, wastes time, and hinders productivity.

Aggregate important system notifications, tasks, and communications

Put tasks, corporate communications, announcements, and more in a single location so employees never miss important information.


Introducing Guided Attention Technology

Your solution for overcoming chaos at work

Guide attention and action where employees work

With a digital assistant that delivers important tasks and information right in the flow of work, you can help employees focus on what matters most.



Workgrid integrates with most intranet platforms as an omni-present toolbar that keeps employees up to date on important tasks and information.


The Workgrid digital assistant is available as a mobile app, so employees can stay connected and productive wherever they are.


Workgrid's Microsoft Teams app makes important tasks and notifications available in one of today's most popular digital workplace spaces.

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How Workgrid Works

Create a personalized digital experience with our flexible platform


Connect Workgrid with the data sources, systems, and apps you use every day

Reduce digital friction by connecting your existing systems to Workgrid to abstract just the information and tasks employees need and presenting it in a single location.


Create custom experiences for those systems

Quickly deploy improved employee experiences with Workgrid's out-of-the-box apps or build custom experiences using Workgrid's no-code app development tool.


Present optimized experiences wherever your employees work

Guide attention to the information your employees need in the channel that works best for them such as your intranet and collaboration spaces such as Microsoft Teams.

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