Deliver an intelligent digital workplace experience

Give employees and IT teams alike a modern digital workplace with simplified processes and self-service capabilities.

Simplify the digital work experience

Make work easier for employees by intelligently organizing information, data, and services from across your entire tech stack into a single location.

  • Create a single source of truth for the latest communications, news, and alerts to help employees feel connected and engaged

  • Give workers a single access point for common resources, such as HR information, sales metrics, and upskilling opportunities, without having to log into the source systems

  • Streamline IT communications, services, and knowledge management right in the flow of work

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Drive digital adoption

Maximize IT investments, modernize legacy systems, and create a seamless employee experience. Use intelligent technology to guide workers' attention to what they need to know and act on. Informed with proactive recommendations personalized to their individuals, Workgrid makes it easier for employees to complete important tasks and find information.

  • Easily build and deploy modern digital experiences with Workgrid's no-code app builder, Workshop, which includes 200+ pre-built connectors for today's most common enterprise systems

  • Create personalized and contextual user experiences that engage employees in the flow of work across channels like the intranet or Microsoft Teams

  • Reduce the development burden on your IT teams and empower business technologists to create the experiences they need across any line of business

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Streamline IT processes

IT help desks are overwhelmed with rising call volumes and constant interruptions that make it difficult to operate efficiently. Workgrid's chatbot empowers employees to find what they need on their own, creating better experiences for IT service management.

  • Automate ITSM ticketing and reduce IT operating costs

  • Empower employees to easily find answers to common IT questions and policies

  • Inform employees of important IT updates, such as scheduled maintenance, phishing alerts, and IT tips and best practices

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Workgrid for Information Technology

Workgrid for Information Technology helps teams build and deliver apps
Build & Deliver Apps

Build digital experiences that streamline work processes and keep employees informed about items needing their attention

Enable self-service IT service management with chatbot
Enable Self-Service ITSM

Simplify the ITSM process by enabling employees to submit, comment, and update tickets right from Workgrid's chatbot

Inform employees of important IT updates and communications
Send IT Communications

Inform employees of important IT updates, from maintenance notifications and phishing alerts to IT tips and best practices

Improve Knowledge Management for IT teams
Improve Knowledge Management

Help employees quickly find answers to questions without wasting valuable time searching through data silos

A single, connected employee experience

Workgrid integrates with your business systems including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools
Workgrid integrates with enterprise technology including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools

Abstract notifications, communications, data, and tasks throughout your digital workplace.

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