Workgrid for Microsoft Teams

Workgrid for Microsoft Teams delivers a modern employee experience, bringing tasks and information into the flow of work to keep everyone engaged, informed, and productive.

Deliver a connected digital experience

Create targeted content based on attributes, such as role, location, and job function, and deliver it to employees right within Microsoft Teams. 

  • Reach employees where they are by delivering important broadcasts and news items from your digital workplace directly in Teams

  • Reduce app hopping and context switching by surfacing key notifications within employees' flow of work

  • Help foster a more connected corporate culture by driving awareness of your most significant campaigns and programs

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Integrate Microsoft Teams with your enterprise systems

Workgrid integrates across enterprise systems to surface notifications, information, and alerts into one aggregated stream within Teams.  This reduces context switching and improves attention management by helping employees focus on what needs their attention.

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It's time to put the "me" in Teams

The natural language chatbot in Workgrid's Microsoft Teams App acts as a personal digital assistant, helping employees access knowledge from across the organization and streamlining tasks, such as submitting IT help desk tickets. 

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Why Workgrid for Microsoft Teams?

Centralize everything employees need to focus on in a single experience and help employees avoid app hopping and time-wasting context switching.

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Boost Productivity and Engagement

Streamline work processes and make information easier to find. Submit helpdesk tickets, access knowledge base articles, and receive communications and tasks, all from one centralized location within Microsoft Teams.

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Optimize the Digital Workplace

Abstract tasks and information from your most important third-party systems, like ServiceNow, Concur, or SAP Ariba, so employees can receive notifications and execute on routine tasks right from Microsoft Teams.

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Foster Culture and Employee Engagement

Ensure every employee stays up-to-date and connected by delivering the most important news, announcements, and information right within the flow of their work.

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Reduce Digital Noise

Reduce digital noise for employees by centralizing communications and alerts from multiple systems and channels into the Workgrid app for Microsoft Teams.


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