Liberty Mutual's Use of the Workgrid Assistant Wins Step Two Intranet Award

Workgrid is excited to congratulate Liberty Mutual Insurance on being awarded as the Platinum winner of the 2018 Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Award for the use of the Workgrid Assistant to transform the employee experience of their digital workplace. The Workgrid Assistant really impressed the judges, earning Liberty Mutual Insurance the highest score of all entries received and the platinum level award. The platinum level award is given to the organization who has the single most impressive submission.

Some of the feedback from the judges included:

"This is awesome! Approvals on a smart watch is fantastic!! Integrated approvals on any device is what everyone wants but no one does. And a chatbot too? Incredibly thoughtful and built in a way that allows it to grow."

"Digital Assistant is very nicely conceived and superbly executed. The 'About Me' section is an excellent example of how to bring modern UX thinking to HR services"

"Absolute admiration for the results of the project. Huge respect for the work of the intranet team! The coolest project with an ideal micro-service architecture! Impressive results and savings. Great example for inspiration for many companies with thousands of employees."

More Data, More Problems? Not Anymore

90% of data that exist today has been created in just the last two years alone*. As organizations move more systems to the cloud and digitize information to create a more modern workplace, the enormous amounts of data has caused an overly complex working environment. The problem is not the data itself as the data isn't going away. The problem is the ability to manage the information and filter the data into ways that make employees more efficient and effective.

Liberty Mutual felt this pain back in 2013 as they sought to improve the employee experience with a goal to create a best-in-class digital work environment where their technical interactions at work were as personalized, timely, and intuitive as in their everyday lives.

James McGlennon, Liberty Mutual Insurance's Chief Information Officer said "We strive to provide an environment that employees enjoy and one that makes their jobs easier, allowing them to focus on doing their very best for our customers. Receiving this recognition underscores that we are moving in the right direction."

With the Workgrid Assistant, employees have their most important tasks, information and notifications at their fingertips with an intuitive user experience they have come to expect as consumers, freeing them to focus on high-value work.

About Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Award

The Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Award is a global award now on their twelfth year recognizing outstanding contributions to the fields of intranets and digital workplaces. The award program recognizes companies for their work across:

  • Intranet essentials

  • Social, collaboration and communication

  • Business, mobile and front-line solutions

  • Digital workplace and digital employee experience

The 2018 awards uncovered many remarkable solutions that are delivering real business value, congratulations to all the organizations recognized this year! To check out all the incredible intranet and digital workplace projects, visit