Workgrid's Head of AI Named an AWS Machine Learning Hero

At Workgrid, we believe all our employees are Heroes, but today we're excited to announce that our Head of Cloud Engineer and AI, Gillian McCann has been named and recognized by Amazon Web Services as an official AWS Machine Learning Hero!

AWS Machine Learning Heroes are developers and academics who are passionate enthusiast of emerging AI/ML technologies and proficient with deep learning frameworks. The AWS Hero program recognizes and honors the most engaged developers who are early adopters of Amazon ML Technologies and have had a real impact within the community from sharing their expertise with others among the AWS community.

Gillian is a passionate advocate of cloud native architectures with a keen interest on how conversational interfaces, machine learning, and AI can be applied within an AWS serverless SaaS architecture to deliver new capabilities. Here at Workgrid Software, as the Head of Cloud Engineering and AI she is the lead architect and technical product owner responsible for building conversational AI into Workgrid's intelligent workplace platform and enterprise chatbot.

Gillian's years of experience with machine learning, conversational interfaces and AI has provided significant input into how we've built the Workgrid platform to deliver conversational interfaces at scale for enterprises around the globe.

Gillian's AWS Knowledge & Experience Now a Case Study for Other Enterprises

Gillian has comprehensive knowledge and experience working with AWS services. Prior to Workgrid, she was the lead architect on the Cognitive Technology team at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where she was responsible for exploring how AWS conversational AI could be leveraged to improve the employee experience. During her tenure at Liberty Mutual, she led a team building out Liberty Mutual's chatbot platform which is a serverless architecture built on AWS.

What's even more impressive is Gillian's team at Liberty Mutual was chosen to participate in Amazon's early adopter program for its services that enable organizations to build conversational interfaces leveraging Amazon Lex. This partnership enabled Liberty Mutual to be one of the first enterprise customers to test and deploy conversational experiences at scale leveraging Amazon services.

The work led by Gillian's team as part of the early adopter partnership was instrumental in shaping the enterprise-level capabilities and features that are available today with Amazon Lex. Amazon now uses the work that was completed by Gillian and the team at Liberty Mutual as a case study to showcase to other enterprises how to leverage Amazon services to successfully build and deploy conversational interfaces to enrich enterprise applications. This case study has recently been featured at AWS re:Invent 2017 and on Amazon's website.

You can learn more about the Amazon ML Hero program at