Workgrid November Product Updates

While Workgrid’s October Product Update delivered the all-new, enterprise-grade chatbot, complete with a no-code Q&A Builder, robust discoverability features and an analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of your bot, the November update is focused more on time.

Check out the details on Workgrid’s new Time Planner and Quick Links features:

Streamlining Time Management with Time Planner!

One place to plan, schedule, and share events and time away.

Workgrid's new Time Planner micro app is designed to give employees an easy-to-use application for planning, scheduling and sharing events between different groups.

Most calendars utilized in the enterprise are designed to meet the needs of an individual person. Sure, you can share your calendar with other individuals, create color-coded category tags, create group calendars, etc. -- but it can often be a frustrating process, with frequent questions such as:

  • “I’m trying to find a good day to schedule a team meeting, but I don’t know who will be on vacation”

  • “What day again were you going to be taking that all-day training session?”

  • “What days are your traveling to Boston?”

  • “What days do you work from home next month?”

Workgrid’s Time Planner Micro App is designed to help fill these gaps by working as an easy-to-use interface for context-specific calendaring. Time Planner is a centralized tool for planning and communicating time away from work, events, and other calendaring items while also allowing easier collaboration between employees and work groups in a simple and efficient way.

The benefits of the new features will be a game changer for teams….

At-a-Glance Views that are Relevant to You
At a quick glance, employees can easily view how many events they have scheduled for the upcoming week.

Within the Time Planner app employees can view other events by groups, specific users, or filter by event types (company holidays, travel, trainings, work from home, and other custom categories that you may create).

The quick view is easy to digest by color coded bars, with scrolling enabling a detailed breakdown view. Users can click on each day to see more details.

What’s important and relevant to you, at any time.
With Time Planner, viewing only what’s relevant to you is easy. Simple filters by category or group enable employees to easily select what they want to see at a glance.

Employees can create and edit groups that are important to them, by team, department or office location. Employees can quickly create new groups and search for members to add. Groups can be added and modified at any time. Once you have groups created, you can filter your calendar to only display “Events” by group or you can filter by event type, such as work from home, travel, training, etc., giving employees the ability to personalize their view to display only what’s relevant to them at a given time.

The calendar also shows a compressed view for those extra busy days with the goal of always allowing users to see the entire month without scrolling!

Mobile Experience
Often times, viewing your calendar is easy on mobile, but what about trying to plan a team event, or book a day when you're not sure if people are in the office or not. On the desktop, you have lots of space to drill into details but not so much on the mobile app. Time Planner helps solve this issue so you don’t have to wait till you get into the office and have access to your laptop to see your team’s schedule.

Not Another Place to Navigate
Sure there are many of other calendaring systems available that would also work in the above use cases. But they’re completely separate apps. That’s what makes Workgrid’s time planner app so valuable. It’s designed for multiple use cases and lives where your employees work, so they aren’t forced to have to use another app.

All of Workgrid’s micro apps exist right alongside all the other useful applications and systems employees are already using, which creates an integrated and cohesive employee experience that reduces context switching.

Time Planner is a new micro app included out-of-the-box as part of Workgrid and is now available to all customers.

New Quick Links Feature Delivers One-Click Access to Important Resources

One of the biggest productivity drains for employees is finding the right enterprise systems to complete tasks. Quick Links solves that problem by giving knowledge owners an easy way to provide the information -- and employees an easy way to ask for it.

While the Q&A builder in the chatbot is an easy, no-code interface for proving answers to any complex questions and requests employees might have, Quick Links provides the same ease for simpler requests, like “where’s the time management system?” and “how do I get to the HR Support Center?”

This new feature makes it easy for anyone populating the chatbot with content to provide one-click access to the most popular resources, so employees can get instant access to the resources they need and spend more time on their high value work.

Additional Updates

In addition to Time Planner and Quick Links, there has also been an enhancement to the Discoverability/Learn More feature of the chatbot.

The chatbot currently suggests a list of main topic categories that employees can ask questions within. That featured has now been enhanced to also recommend popular questions within those categories, making it even easier for employees to find the information they need.

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