What Your HR Technology Could (and Should) Be Doing for Your Organization

As you may have heard, Workgrid was recently honored as a top HR technology solution provider by CIO Applications.

While we think that’s cool because it’s validation that all the hard work we’ve put into improving the employee experience is paying off, it’s actually even better news for you. Finally, proof that there’s a vendor you can rely on to improve your HR service delivery and create the intelligent employee experience your workforce deserves!

Common HR technology challenges

If your organization is anything like the businesses we talk with on a regular basis, then you know that the pressure is on to attract and retain top talent – and that the key to achieving that goal lies in your ability to deliver an award-winning employee experience.

“The possibility that a more rewarding career opportunity is out there is often too compelling for even the most tenured and loyal employee. That’s why employers need to make the extra effort to keep their best talent engaged, nurture staff’s professional and personal growth, and establish a workplace culture that cannot be found anywhere else.”
-Steve Flook, President & CEO, iHire

But it isn’t that simple, is it?

Just knowing what the solution to a problem is doesn’t mean it’s an easy problem to fix. We know that because we see it with every organization we work with. Whether they’re large or small, with new HCM technology or a legacy system, every business suffers from essentially the same challenges, despite having the best of intentions. Their HR service delivery is a siloed and fragmented experience that reduces productivity and frustrates employees who are simply trying to navigate the maze of systems they need, from career and learning management to compensation, time management and payroll.

Workgrid does away with those issues and simplifies the HR experience by seamlessly integrating with existing HR technology investments to extract just the right information for the right people at the right time. It’s a more intelligent, personalized and engaging experience, one that’s designed to meet the needs of employees, rather than the requirements of the HR systems workers rely on.

Think about your core systems, like your HCM or even your learning management platform. They were undoubtedly chosen because they were the best in their class, with the widest array of powerful functionality, but the chances are good that the experience they deliver is a failure for the majority of your employees. Of course it is. It’s an unfortunate reality that most systems are designed with the power user in mind. They highlight the most detailed features the system has to offer to entice HR pros who use the system all the time, without taking into consideration the needs of the average user who just needs to complete simple, routine tasks.

You simply cannot deliver an effective employee experience with a solution that takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach. That’s where Workgrid can help.

Simplifying HR technology for a better experience

There are a number of key ways Workgrid delivers a simplified, yet customized, experience for HR technology.

It all starts with Workgrid’s ability to integrate seamlessly with core systems to insulate employees from the technological complexity of the organization. The platform also takes advantage of information that already exists about employees (office location, role, job function etc.) to present workers with just the tasks and information that are relevant to them.

  • A centralized workplace chatbot provides a friendly conversational interface for answering questions and completing tasks, putting power in the hands of employees with 24/7 access to critical information and self-service functionality.

  • Smart notifications boost productivity and eliminate cognitive overload with a centralized view of everything employees need to know and do.

  • Microapps enable streamlined access to personalized information such as time-off balances, payroll information and more, all from a central location. Microapps can be accessed directly from a mobile application, conveniently located web toolbar, or desktop application - ensuring all employees have the information they want and need, exactly where they want to view it.

Best of all, the power of Workgrid is designed to extend across the organization, serving as the center of gravity for your employee experience strategy and improving all the moments that matter across the entire employee journey.

To learn more about Workgrid and get guidance from Workgrid CEO Brett Caldon on best practices to strengthen your HR delivery approach, check out his interview with CIO Applications, Workgrid Software: Simplifying the Workday.