Holistic Task Management - Made Possible with Workgrid Tasks

Introducing Workgrid Tasks, a simpler way to organize your day.

Effectively managing tasks is something we all struggle with – and it’s certainly not for lack of trying. We have access to plenty of solutions that can help keep control of things and even good old-fashioned paper-based methods have their merits when it comes to wrangling our never-ending to-do lists into submission. And yet still, things fall through the cracks and valuable time is lost juggling all the different tools we use to manage work tasks, shared team tasks and personal tasks.

New task functionality in Workgrid puts an end to all of that stress and confusion.

Task functionality in the Workgrid platform will help you stay on top of the business and personal tasks you have to manage every day. Better yet, it puts all of these tasks front and center, alongside everything else you need to know and take action on.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

My Tasks

Functionality has been enhanced to deliver new ways of managing and organizing all your tasks from a single location. Features such as multiple list types, drag-and-drop task prioritization and the ability to share lists and assign tasks makes it easy to stay on top of personal and group projects while knowing exactly what you need to focus on next.

This new task functionality will include…

At a Glance Section

Quickly see at a glance the tasks that are due today, this week or that are assigned to you, so you can easily understand what your priorities are.

List Types

New list types make it easier to manage tasks by categorizing them in ways that make sense for your personal approach to work.

  • My Lists are lists that you have created for yourself. You can create as many lists as needed to organize your tasks, and then drag and drop tasks in each list to sort and prioritize them. Each task list within My List allows you to create multiple tasks, set deadlines, signify the priority, and add notes.

  • Shared Lists are lists that you share with others or have been shared with you by another user.

When tasks are done, they automatically move to a completed list, making it easy to see what’s been done and what still needs attention.


  • Drag and drop functionality to easily move tasks between lists and within lists

  • Assign tasks in shared lists so managers, teams, and working groups can assign tasks, increasing efficiency and enhancing collaboration

  • Task priority and due date to help you stay organized and on top of your work by assigning tasks a due date or priority. You can also see all tasks assigned to you using the Assigned to Me filter.

  • List sharing, making it easy to create task lists for working groups that can be shared with an unlimited number of employees for more effective team collaboration.

  • Notifications to alert you when you have a new shared list or assigned task. Notifications are auto deleted once the list has been seen to keep the notification pane uncluttered with old information

  • Commenting, so you can add notes to individual tasks to track your progress or communicate with coworkers within a Shared List.

This functionality will make it easier to manage all your tasks holistically, so you can get more done faster.

Also, because all of your tasks - personal, work, and team – will be consolidated alongside other tasks from systems of record within the To-Do panel of Workgrid, you’ll have a clear overview of everything that needs to be done. No more worrying about losing track of important tasks or wondering what to work on next!

Task functionality is now available via Workgrid's web toolbar, mobile app and desktop application. To see it in action, request a demo!