Workgrid January Product Update

A new year is synonymous with resolutions to get healthy, learn new skills, get organized, and more. And to that end, Workgrid is excited to introduce Workflows - functionality that turns simple to-do lists into streamlined flows, and complex processes into easily repeatable operations. Get ready to get organized.

Introducing Workflows

Workgrid Workflows empower admins to create and automate tailored task lists for people-facing processes and recurring even of varying levels of complexity, including:

  • Onboarding

  • Offboarding and retirement

  • Return-to-office

  • Daily in-office health verification

  • Daily opening and closing procedures

  • Objectives and goal setting

  • Performance reviews

  • Training and continuing education

  • Security and compliance check points

Workflows also let admins from across an organization contribute to the development and execution of processes. They can tailor tasks specific to different audiences within a process - ideal for something like onboarding where different roles have different tasks associated with the process.

Check out our recent blog on Workflows or the introduction of Workflows in our help center for more details!

User Setting Updates for Desktop and Toolbar

Self-service Profile Photos - users can upload their profile photos in the settings menu, which are then used as avatars across features and apps, creating a more personalized experience.

Read the complete overview of January updates and enhancements in our Release Notes.