Workgrid January 2022 Product Updates

The year kicks off with an exciting Zendesk integration for Workgrid's IT Help Desk app.

New Zendesk Integration

The IT Help Desk app brings important features of your IT service management system into Workgrid for quick access to tools and information - and now it integrates with Zendesk!

Help desk tickets are easily created, submitted, updated, and managed directly from the Workgrid natural language chatbot. All related updates are sent as To Know smart notifications in real time, including when a ticket is open or closed, if the status has changed, or if more details have been added. And what makes this so great is employees can do it without ever having to log into Zendesk. It's all manager through Workgrid - whether on the intranet or a mobile device!

Simplifying the creation-through-completion process for help desk tickets means employees can be more efficient and focus on the work that matters most. The IT Help Desk also integrates with ServiceNow and Jira.