Future of Work

Create a modern digital workplace that delivers the intelligent experiences employees need.

The future of work is evolving into a hybrid work model. Whether employees are working remotely, from the office, or a combination of both, their success is driven by the right digital workplace technology. To make hybrid work a success, give employees centralized, flexible access to the resources they need most, such as communications, notifications, tasks, and information from core systems. Here's how Workgrid can help you make it happen.

Simplify interactions with enterprise systems

Create a unified, intelligent experience for all the enterprise systems your organization relies on, driving engagement and increasing productivity.

Workgrid’s employee experience layer abstracts important tasks, notifications, and information from key HR, IT, and finance systems and presents it to workers in a centralized location that’s accessible wherever employees are, whether in front of a computer or on the go.

Provide a single location for contextual communications & information

Provide seamless, flexible access to information to help employees stay focused and connected.

Workgrid helps organizations deliver the personalized, proactive communications and updates employees need in a centralized and easy-to-consume experience that’s tailored to each employee based on their specific criteria, such as job function, role or office location.

Unify task management

Give employees access to work and personal tasks in a central location and supercharge their productivity. Workgrid can help you aggregate the important items employees need to take action on, including those from core enterprise systems. It also gives managers insight into the status of tasks for their teams.

Offer self-service tasks & automation

Empower employees to complete routine tasks and find information on their own so departmental resources have more time to spend on strategic initiatives and workers can be more efficient in their day-to-day routine.

Workgrid’s natural language chatbot makes it easy to find information by providing real-time answers to common questions. It also simplifies submitting IT help desk requests, requesting password resets and more.

Multi-channel experience

Enable employees to work wherever and whenever it's convenient for them.

Workgrid is available where employees are, whether as a toolbar on the intranet or employee portal, or via mobile and desktop apps, delivering the flexible digital employee experience you workforce needs.

Integrations for an Intelligent Employee Experience

Give your employees access to everything they need from an all-in-one unified experience.

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