Starter Apps Available
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Learning and upskilling programs are proven for helping organizations gain and retain top talent. Help employees keep track of their training and learning courses.

Cornerstone Starter Apps Available

Starter apps are out-of-the-box apps ready to install and use immediately by customers. Starter apps can also be customized to a customer's specific needs with Workgrid's app builder.

Training notifications

Employees will receive a smart notification for new course registrations and course completions while managers receive notifications when a course approval is required. Fields from Cornerstone such as the course description, due date, learning object ID, session start date, duration, and hyperlinks can be included within the notification to create a contextual and personalized experience for each employee.

Create custom Cornerstone apps
Workgrid makes building new apps easy with a no-code app builder that enables users to accelerate the delivery time of new apps and integrations from weeks to hours with a visual drag-and-drop interface.

See Integrations in Action

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