Workgrid for Microsoft Teams

Workgrid for Microsoft Teams is your catalyst to a modern employee experience – designed to keep everyone engaged, informed, and productive. Extend your digital workplace experience directly into your collaboration environment, letting you and your employees stay focused on the work at hand.

Integrate Microsoft Teams with your enterprise systems

Workgrid integrates across your enterprise systems to surface notifications, information, and alerts into one aggregated stream. Reduce context switching and improve attention management by helping employees focus on what needs their attention by streamlining alerts and notifications into the channels they are using.

It's time to put the "me" in Teams

The Workgrid for Microsoft Teams app includes a natural language chatbot that will act as your personal digital assistant, allowing you to fetch knowledge from across the organization and even help streamline task such as submitting IT help desk tickets.

Deliver a more inclusive digital employee experience

Help foster a more inclusive corporate culture by driving awareness of your most significant campaigns and programs by reaching employees where they are. Ensure important broadcasts and news items from your Digital Workplace are available directly in Teams, reducing app hopping and context switching throughout the day.

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