Transform your digital workplace

Deliver an intelligent & modern employee experience

See for yourself

The Workgrid digital assistant creates a centralized experience for employees to access everything they need to know and do. Book a brief demo with a digital workplace specialist and see how Workgrid can:

  • Make it easy to deliver personalized, contextual news and employee communications

  • Drive traffic to the intranet with a unified activity stream that enables employees to see exactly what needs their immediate attention

  • Integrate with common and custom back-end systems for HR, IT, or Finance eliminating the need to log into many disparate systems

  • Increase engagement and improve productivity by delivering answers that are contextual to each employee's specific circumstances

Plus, there's plenty of opportunity to ask questions, so you can make sure you get all the information you need to modernize the digital employee experience for your organization!

Not ready for a live demo? Check out our 5-minute on-demand demo.