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Transform your employee experience with Workgrid!

Workgrid Basic Plan

The Workgrid basic plan is designed to help organizations get up and running quickly with the Workgrid Assistant's out-of-the-box functionality or for smaller organizations that may not require a high degree of integrations and support.

With the Workgrid Basic Plan, you'll be able to

  • Deliver an intelligent digital employee experience where all communications, notifications, alerts and reminders are delivered on a contextual and personalized basis via a unified experience.

  • Aggregate tasks and streamline approvals from multiple systems, whether it be a company-level or personal task- everything is unified into one view.

  • Publish and distribute tailored communications and surveys to reach and engage with employees across your entire workforce.

  • Deploy a workplace chatbot leveraging our no code interface to provide instant answers to frequent inquiries across multiple departments.

  • Engage employees with easy-to-use micro-apps that highlight personal and company-wide information. The basic plan includes People Finder, Task, and Time Planner.