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Microsoft Time Guardian App

Encourage employees to block out quiet time when they have too many meetings.

Time Guardian App Details

Use insights to drive behaviors that promote welness and healthy work habits.

Promote focus time

Help employees save time in their calendar for focused time and work. The Time Guardian App intelligently nudges employees when they have more than 20 hours of meetings in a week. The app can be customized to change the threshold.

Out of the box, it sends a notification at the start of each week, summarizing how many hours of meetings are scheduled (accepted or tentative) for this week and next week. The count does not include appointments or events without invitees, so blocked hours for focus time will not be considered a "meeting".

Technical Details

App features can be modified for your preferences.

Integration Details

The Time Guardian app was designed with the Microsoft Graph REST API v1.0

This app template may be customized for alternate integrations using Workgrid's no-code builder.

API Details

For the best user experience, please ensure that your Microsoft Graph application has the Calendars.Read, User.Read.All and MailboxSettings.Read permissions or modify the template to make it work for your organization.


  • GET /users/{userEmail}

  • GET /users/{userEmail}/calendarView

  • GET /users/{userEmail}/mailboxSettings/workingHours

Support and Documentation

For more information please visit: Microsoft Graph Documentation

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