App Template

Weekly Report

Send employees a weekly notification that includes report values from a spreadsheet.

Weekly Report App Details

Streamline access to the information employees need.

Share Excel-based report information

The Weekly Report app makes it easier to share Excel-based report information with decision makers and other stakeholders who want to be in the know. Out of the box, the app uses values from an Excel template to send out a smart notification with your report highlights each week.

Technical Details

All app features can be modified for your preferences.

Integration Details

The Weekly Report app was designed with Microsoft Graph REST API v1.0.

This app template may be customized for alternate integrations using Workgrid's no-code builder.

API Details

This app template includes the following endpoints


  • GET /shares/{shareIdOrEncodedSharingUrl}

  • GET /drives/{drive-id}/items/{item-id}

Support and Documentation

For more information please visit: Microsoft Graph Documentation

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