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"Technology should work for the users, not make the users work for it - and the Workgrid Assistant and Chatbot do just that. This is how work should be." - Gillian Armstrong, Liberty Mutual, Information Technology

Our solutions help employees get their work done smarter - increasing productivity and engagement.

With Workgrid, you can:

  • Deliver tailored communications, notifications, alerts, and reminders intelligently - to the right employees, every time.

  • Publish and distribute customized surveys to employees across your organization, engaging them through feedback.

  • Eliminate information silos with the natural language chatbot - available 24/7 to employees, helping them find info, answer their questions, and automate tasks.

  • Reduce cognitive overload and streamline workflows by turning complex, multi-step processes into simplified consumer-like experiences.

  • Engage employees with apps that surface just the right amount of relevant information, delivered to their fingertips from your enterprise systems.

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