Webinar: How to Succeed with a Workplace Chatbot

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Workgrid partnered up with Clearbox Consulting to host a webinar on the success factors needed to implement a Workplace Chatbot. Chatbots are getting quicker to deploy and train. When available within existing channels, it becomes easier for employees to request services and seek information, especially on mobile devices.

But poorly-deployed chatbots can frustrate more than they assist. It's easy to do a contained pilot, but a scalable service takes planning. How do you ensure that people know the topics that the chatbot can cope with? How do you ensure that content is maintained, and the responses improve?

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • Where chatbots add most value for employees

  • How to plan and deploy your chatbot

  • How a chatbot fits within a wider digital workplace strategy

Featured Speakers

Speaker Sam Marshall
Sam Marshall,
Clear Box Consulting
Co-Founder and Head of Engineering & AI,