Workgrid for SharePoint

Enhance your existing SharePoint intranet with Workgrid

You can drive traffic to the intranet and create an engaging experience that keeps employees coming back for more - and with Workgrid, it doesn't have to be an expensive, time-consuming project that requires building or buying a new intranet.

Workgrid's easy-to-deploy toolbar can help you modernize your existing SharePoint intranet with features and functionality that simplify the work day and enable employees to work wherever and whenever it's convenient for them.

What Workgrid Delivers

Workgrid's toolbar delivers the following features to your SharePoint intranet:

Targeted Communications

Help employees focus on what’s important by giving them the right information at the right time. Smart notifications make it easy to deliver personalized, contextual news and communications that are tailored to each employee based on criteria such as office location or job function.

Unified Notification Stream

Eliminate the confusion of alerts, tasks, and notifications spread across dozens of disparate systems. Workgrid delivers an intelligent activity stream that makes it easy to take action on expense and procurement approvals, time off requests, trainings, and more - right from single location.


With integrations to more than 200+ enterprise systems, Workgrid simplifies the work day for employees, abstracting just the important information workers need from across the enterprise (such as time-off balances, payroll details, and reporting metrics) and displays it in an easy-to-use microapp.

Workflow & Tasks

Increase productivity by giving workers a single place to see everything they need to know or take action on - plus make it easy to create, assign, or share tasks aggregated from multiple systems.

Survey Tool

Drive engagement and increase employee retention rates with easy-to-use surveys that help leadership keep a pulse on what's happening within the organization.


Empower employees with a robust enterprise grade chatbot that delivers personalized, contextual responses to questions and enables employees to complete self-service tasks when it's convenient for them.

See Workgrid in Action

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Workgrid, available where you work.

Help every employee - even if they're remote or deskless - feel effective and feel connected no matter where they are. Workgrid is available for SharePoint both on-premise and online, and can be accessed as an easy-to-use toolbar on the intranet as well was a desktop or mobile app, delivering the multi-channel experience employees expect and need.

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