Expense Management Integrations

Make complicated and time-consuming actions easier and quicker to complete. The Workgrid Digital Assistant integrates with expense management systems including Chrome River and SAP Concur, to help employees approve, track, and manage time-sensitive expense approvals, whenever and wherever it's convenient for them.

Guide Employee Attention

Simplify the work day by guiding employees' attention to what they need to know and take action on. Elevate tasks like expense approvals out of the source system and directly to the channels your employees use and visit every day.

Alerts are aggregated together as Smart Notifications within the Workgrid Digital Assistant, making it easy for managers to know what needs their immediate attention and take action on outstanding expenses in just a few clicks.

Available Where Your Employees Work

Reduce digital friction and make it easier for employees to respond to expense reports from across multiple systems with just a simple click. Surface expense management tasks and alerts to employees using Workgrid's Digital Assistant, which is available via mobile and desktop apps, as an intranet toolbar, or even as an integration with Microsoft Teams.

Eliminate the Stress of Expense Approvals

Eliminate the risk of time-sensitive approvals getting lost in email inboxes, reduce delays in manager approvals, and give employees back valuable time in their day with simple, streamlined experiences for managing expenses from Workgrid.

Workgrid + SAP Concur

SAP Concur users can approve, deny, and receive status updates on expense reports directly through Workgrid, creating positive employee experiences by making time-consuming actions simpler.

Workgrid + Chrome River

Guide attention to tasks and alerts helping employees more seamlessly complete expense approvals without the added steps of logging in and out of Chrome River or searching through their email inbox.

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