Create an Integrated Digital Work Experience

Workgrid transforms the way employees interact and engage with enterprise technology.

To perform at their best, employees need a modern digital work experience that’s tailored to their needs. That means a more streamlined and connected way to engage with enterprise technology, with easy access to personalized and relevant information.

Workgrid can deliver that experience. With integrations to today's most popular systems, Workgrid provides employees with access to everything they need to know and do right at their fingertips, all in a unified experience.

HR Integrations

Workgrid integrates with leading HR applications, giving your employees quick and convenient access to the information that's important to them, such as their time off balances, payroll details, training alerts, and more.

Check out Workgrid's integration with UKG Ready.

IT Integrations

Workgrid integrates with leading IT applications enabling your employees to easily submit IT request and complete IT transactions and approvals.

Check out Workgrid's integration with ServiceNow.

Expense and Procurement Integrations

Workgrid integrates with leading finance applications, helping employees easily manage and complete time-sensitive approvals from expense reports, timesheets, and procurement requests.

Check out Workgrid's expense integrations.

ERP Integrations

Workgrid integrates with leading ERP systems, putting the business data employees need right at their fingertips.

Build Your Own Apps

Accelerate Digital Transformation with a No-Code Builder

With the average enterprise using 1,500+ cloud applications, driving the need for IT leaders to integrate faster in order to drive digital transformation.

Workgrid's No-Code App Builder helps IT teams scale to meet this requirement, simplifying the process of creating the custom digital experiences your business and employees require.

With connector templates for more than 200 cloud apps along with a drag-and-drop interface, Workgrid empowers organizations to create their own smart notifications, microapps, and chatbot conversations that meet their specific needs.

Over 200 Pre-Built Connectors

Designed to support your existing enterprise tech stack, not replace it, Workgrid has access to over 200 pre-built connectors, giving organizations the power to accelerate their digital transformation efforts in a fraction of the time.

Have a custom integration or use case? Let our team of experts help build you custom experiences that are tailored to the individual needs of your business. Contact our team today to learn more!

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