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Quick Links Microapp

The Quick Links app allows users to favorite commonly used links for easy access from the digital assistant.

Quick Links Template Details

Streamline access to the information employees need.

Favorite frequently used links

Make your digital assistant the central location for all enterprise system actions and links with the Quick Links microapp! Admins can add URLs of any webpage, making them easily accessible for employees, right from Workgrid.

Employees can choose their most frequently used links to add to their favorites section.

Technical Details

Integration Details

This app does not require an integration. Admins can simply configure the Quick Links app from the Workgrid console.

API Details

This app does not require API access. Admins can add quick links by completing the following steps:

  1. From the app features menu, open the "Edit" child feature of the "Home" parent feature

  2. Open Step 1, "Admin Links", to edit your anchor text and URLs.

Support and Documentation

For more information please visit: Workgrid Support

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