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Workgrid January 2023 Product Updates
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Workgrid January 2023 Product Updates

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Published on Jan 31th, 2023

New App Templates

This month we're excited to announce the release of seven new app templates! A template includes all the necessary steps and is drafted for a specific use case (i.e., expense approvals), allowing you to use the template as-is, or to customize it for your specific needs with our no-code app builder.

To date, we now have over 30 ready-to-use templates for customers to install. Check out what templates we released in January:

Sales Updates for Salesforce

The Sales Updates app helps keep your sellers and customer account reps informed of changes to customer relationship management (CRM) records. Out of the box, it sends a smart notification to employees each time a new opportunity is created, or the status of the opportunity has changed. Employees will immediately know when changes occur without them having to log into Salesforce and manually check on opportunity records.

Café Menu

The Café Menu app answers the most common question on everyone's mind... "What's for lunch?" Out of the box, the app uses values from an excel template to send out a smart notification with the lunch menu each business day.

Igloo Digital Workplace Apps

Last year we announced a partnership with digital workplace provider, Igloo Software. This month, we are releasing new apps that amplify intranet content and provide helpful insights for intranet admins and content creators.

Content Creator Tool

Keeping content fresh on the intranet is important to ensure employees know they can trust the intranet content. Our new Stale Content app alerts content creators of stale content for blogs, documents, forums, and wikis published via Igloo Software.

As a default, the app will send a smart notification to an author 180 days after their content was last published. If it is no longer engaging readers, the app suggests archiving the content or confirming it's still relevant. Authors can quickly jump to the post or take action on it directly from the smart notification.

Intranet Amplifier

Highlight important moments that matter. The new Intranet Amplifier app includes the following features:

  • Company Events - alert employees when a new company event is added to the corporate calendar and prompt them to save it to their personal calendar.

  • Birthday Notifications - send birthday greetings to employees.

Intranet Admin Tools

The Igloo Admin Tools app provides useful tools and notifications for intranet admins of Igloo Software. The Intranet Admin app includes three features you can choose to activate:

  • Q&A Trainer - provide Igloo admins with insights into what content may be a good fit for the digital assistant chatbot. Igloo admins will receive a smart notification with recommendations for questions for the chatbot based on new approved forum answers.

  • Content Performance - Igloo admins receive a smart notification with performance insights for the content they published. The smart notification will include a detail panel that lists out top-performing content and the interaction score which is based on the number of likes and comments.

  • Orphaned Content - Igloo admins receive a smart notification when content exists on the intranet but the author of the content is no longer with the company. This will help admins determine the best approach for said content.

Training Summary and Reminders for Cornerstone

Last month we highlighted a new training notification template for Cornerstone. This month we've expanded our capabilities to include new features to help employees plan and prepare for trainings:

Training Reminder App

Help employees plan and prepare for trainings with these three features:

  1. A smart notification reminder five days before the start date of any upcoming training.

  2. A smart notification the day after a training is due but has not been completed, gently reminding the employee that they have an overdue training.

  3. A weekly summary notification with any upcoming or incomplete training plus any relevant transcripts.

Training Notification App

Notify employees and their managers of new and completed trainings. The app includes three features that you can choose to activate:

  1. A smart notification to managers, pointing them to a new training request that needs approval.

  2. A smart notification to employees when they are registered for live or on-demand training.

  3. A smart notification to congratulate employees for completing their training.

My Timesheet for UKG

The My Timesheet app helps improve the accuracy and timeliness of employees' timesheet entries. Out of the box, it sends a smart notification at 4 PM each work day reminding employees to fill out their timesheet if they haven't already submitted it. As with all Workgrid templates, it can be modified to your unique organizational needs.

Want to see more on integrations and our collection of app templates, visit the integrations catalog.

Updates to the Workgrid Console Homepage and Navigation

This month we introduce a new console layout that will provide Workgrid admin and console users a more intuitive and modern interface to manage everything Workgrid.

  • The navigation menu moved to the top of the page, keeping it conveniently visible regardless of where you navigate to.

  • Space management options (e.g., user provisioning, security, spaces, etc.) are now conveniently accessible from a single drop-down menu found under your company logo (or gear icon if you haven't uploaded one.)

  • A new homepage has been created that will feature resources and insights that may be valuable to Workgrid users including product updates, quick links to Workgrid resources, and a feedback button.

  • The new homepage also has a quick-access menu of all installed Workshop apps accessible to users in the space, as applicable.

Here is a quick preview of the new layout:

Customers can easily toggle back and forth between the two layouts up until March 20th, when the new layout will become the default.

New Test Tool - The Playground

Testing new apps, integrations, and functionality have always been an important part of our customer's lifecycle. This month, we released a new testing option right within the Workgrid console called 'The Playground' to make testing even easier.

Previously, customers had to separately set up a test toolbar or download the Workgrid desktop client, now customers can simply test new apps and integrations without having to leave the Workgrid Console.

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