Staff Picks

Igloo Software

Workgrid integrates with Igloo Software to provide employees a streamlined and simplified work experience.

Igloo Starter Apps Available

Starter apps are out-of-the-box apps ready to install and use immediately by customers. Starter apps can also be customized to a customer's specific needs with Workgrid's app builder.

Stale and orphaned content notifications

Help improve knowledge management with stale and orphaned content alerts to notify authors when content may need refreshing.

  • The Stale Content app sends a notification to content authors suggesting archiving content or confirming content is still relevant if after 180 days the content is no longer engaging readers.

  • The Orphaned Content app compares article authors against active users in Igloo, alerting content managers if an author is an inactive user and the posts may need archiving or updating.

Build custom apps with Workgrid
Workgrid makes building new apps easy with our no-code app builder, enabling users to easily build apps and employee workflows with a visual drag-and-drop interface.

See Integrations in Action

Have a specific integration you want to see? Let us know! Request a product demo today.